You don’t just want to be a GREAT mum. You want to be a fit, healthy, energised mum who loves her life and her body

You want a fitness programme that fits seamlessly into your family life with an easy to adopt, convenient, workout routine.
We can show you how to get into shape quickly, become healthier and more Mummylicious!

Kick-start your transformation today with 5 simple nutrition tips from best-selling author and coach Chistine Amour-Levar.

Get Mummylicious

We will coach you to adopt more consistent healthy habits and relook at your nutrition to ultimately improve your overall fitness and help you become more Mummylicious.


Learn how your body functions and which diet and exercise programme work best for you.


Never have to worry about losing weight again because you will have adopted a healthier lifestyle


No more feeling fatigued! Boost and sustain your energy levels every day

Coached by Christine Amour-Levar

"A woman who is Mummylicous oozes confidence and femininity and defies the conventional image we have of frumpy motherhood. She is committed to taking care of herself, body and mind, and always tries to look and be at her best. She is first and foremost a woman – not just a mother." - Christine Amour-Levar

  • Author of Singapore’s bestselling post-pregnancy motivational guide, ‘The Smart Girl’s Handbook to Being Mummylicious’ and mother of four

Christine will be coaching you through a 6-week nutrition and exercise programme where you can expect some great recipes, easy to follow exercises, interesting facts and ideas and lots of support and encouragement!

About Mummylicious

The first 100 people to sign up for the ‘Get Fulfilled with Mummylicious’ programme will receive a free hardcopy of “The Smart Girl’s Handbook to Being Mummylicious.”

The book’s 19 chapters are peppered with fun, personal anecdotes, as well as interesting facts and research to help you navigate the pitfalls of early motherhood on your way to getting your groove back postpartum. Beautiful and witty watercolor illustrations keep you chuckling along the way, and match the comical and light tone of this original work. The book contains interesting facts and ideas, delicious healthy recipes and exercise tips to kick-start your journey to becoming Mummylicious!

This Could Be You

We have helped hundreds of women take control of their lives and become happier and healthier, no matter what obstacles they faced when they first started out. Read their stories below:

"I lost 9kg with Fulfilled. While I love my new look, I am finally a healthy role model for my kids!"

"After losing the weight, I regained confidence in myself and my relationships. All that without the need for diets, supplements or crazy workouts!"

"I was able to achieve healthy weight loss because Fulfilled helped me to find ways to eat right and exercise at my own pace and in the comfort of my home!"

We Understand Your Challenges

Are you sleep deprived, finding it hard to fit in a workout, or stuck in a never-ending ‘weight-loss-weight-gain’ cycle?

After working with hundreds of people, the team at Fulfilled knows how frustrating and annoying the health and nutrition industry can sometimes be. Especially when there’s always a new pill, a new fad diet or a crazy ‘miracle’ workout to try.

A lot of women come to us because they feel they’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to lose weight and get in shape. There is a way to take control of your health and fitness without going overboard.

Find out more by signing up and reserving your spot in the programme today!

We Make it Simple for You

The ‘Get Fulfilled with Mummylicious’ six-week programme is easy to join and follow.

Look out for great content at your fingertips, which we deliver via our user-friendly mobile app.

You will find easy-to-cook recipes for you and for the whole family, and quick and effective calorie-burning workouts that are easy to do anywhere, anytime!

Through our community and network, you can count on instant support and guidance.

Structured Programmes

A structured 6-weeks nutrition and exercise online coaching programme to get you started and keep you committed.

A Real Human Coach

A proven and qualified Mummylicious coach to provide you with suggestions, feedback and to help keep you on track during the programme.

Daily Habits

Daily nutrition and exercise habits to encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Great recipes to help you design and plan your meals effectively.

Workout Videos

Simple and easy-to-follow workout videos to guide you, so that you can burn more calories faster.

Get Rewarded

Win a complimentary makeover & photoshoot as you head straight to achieving your goals and become more Mummylicious!

Ready for a Change? Take Action Today

If you are ready for a change, download our free Mummylicious Starter Kit to take action today. You will also be the first to reserve your slot on our six-week course AND receive a 30% discount (pay $95.90 instead of $137).

The Mummylicious-Fulfilled coaching programme only happens twice a year and we aim to help as many mums as possible become the best versions of themselves. Take the first step to improving your life today!